A time to be silent and a time to speak

Thoughts collide.  The pace of life bleeds the soul.

Words dry up, like a parched desert.

Sometimes a break from the writing causes the words to flow.

And flow and flow and flow.

This place has been quiet for the past week but my prayer journal has not.  God and I needed some one on One time.

I slip back into routine with a refreshed perspective and desire to share what is on my heart {God is so good in so many ways and I can’t wait to share some miracles with y’all}.

The counting of gifts continues {#361-370}

~  the AMAZING provision of God when you step out in faith

~  being part of beautiful community of believers

~  watching the Orphan Sunday webcast as a family

~  asking God for His heart and eyes as we attempt to live out James 1:27

~  knowing that God is sovereign even when things don’t make sense

~  pumpkin spice creamer back on the grocery store shelves

~  counting gifts until Thanksgiving on the MM Facebook page

~  snow in October {what a surprise}

~  *almost* being done with physical therapy

~  Sunday phone calls from Jason

Ann, who hosts One Thousand Gifts and is a true gift from God herself, is traveling with Compassion International to Ecuador with a group of bloggers.  Will you please lift them up in prayer and follow their journey?
Compassion Bloggers: Ecuador 2011



  1. Oh yes you are so right!  We need to step into that silence with trust.  And when we emerge refreshed, the words flow and flow!

    Beautiful friend!

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