Gratitude in Hard Places

Living with chronic illness has taught me many things.

Utter, complete dependence on God. {Psalm 70:5}

The finite nature of our life.  {James 4:14}

How our bodies are designed to need true Sabbath rest.  {Isaiah 58:13-14}

That everyone has a thorn in their flesh, mine happens to be dressed up as lupus.  {II Corinthians 12:7}

Knowing all of these things doesn’t make the excruciating pain go away.  It doesn’t remove the bone deep fatigue that plagues my day.  Knowing doesn’t help me remember appointments or be less distracted.

But, knowing helps me maintain perspective.{Colossians 3:2}

And being grateful for the everyday little things {like the opportunity to sneak in a nap} and the miracles {I’m still alive} keep me focused on what is truly important.

Seeing the good can be hard through the dark lens of illness.  It requires a conscious effort to look for the positive and maintaining a connection to the Vine.

I had the privilege of being interviewed on the Family Health Matters radio show about living “Chronically Well” today. You can listen below:

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