Am I becoming a hugger?

I am not a “hugger”.

Friends and family hear me say this all the time.  Personal space is important to me and the only people I enjoy being hugged by are my husband and children.

God is growing me in this area, even though I didn’t ask Him to.

Working with teen mama’s has me getting hugged more than I ever imagined {and I surprisingly don’t mind}.  I think my nurturing mama heart is triggered when those girls hug me.

And, of course, having Sweet Pea to cuddle with over the last 14 months has increased the hugging in the house.  {She does this adorable thing in the morning when I get her out of her crib where she pats me on the back, lays her head on my shoulder and says “awwww”.  She is seriously the cutest thing ever!}

Imagine my surprise when my hubby pointed out that I have been initiating hugs recently…at church, running into a friend at the store.

Weird, I tell you.

Today, I hugged a friend because I needed to hug her, to convey my love and concern in a physical way.  Tonight, another friend is arriving at our home for the Thanksgiving holiday and I can’t wait to hug her and her sweet daughter.

What in the world is going on with me?

…and the counting of gifts continues {#381-390}

~  answered prayers for David to find a forever family!

~  a week off of school for my Shayla

~  generous donation from a local church that provided Thanksgiving turkeys to our teen mom’s

~  a clean and de-cluttered home

~  homemade pumpkin pie, warm from the oven

~  a full pantry

~  one on one time with my boys

~  buying the plane tickets for Jason to come home for Christmas

~  124 boxes for Operation Christmas Child from the generous people at our church

~  dinner with a friend, catching up and eating steak with blue cheese crumbles {yum!}

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