31 Days to a Clean Heart check-in

Thank you for grace, friends.

I have not posted every day {didn’t I predict that would happen?}

I still have much to say on this topic!  We will continue next week with more obstacles to a clean heart and finish up the month with action steps.

But, this weekend, the frenetic pace of life MUST slow down and allow me some time with this sweet girl {whom I haven’t seen in two weeks}


Saying goodbye at the airport


Pray that we will have safe travels {5 hours each way in the car with a teething Sweet Pea} and that we will make the most of the short visit.

I will be back Monday to resume the series.

You can read from the beginning here:

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  1. Have a wonderful visit!

  2. Grace to you my friend.  I find myself running out of steam a little bit.  I will be surprised if I don’t skip a day here soon!

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