{day 9} Worship

I was in a grumpy mood this morning.  Is it just me or does the enemy work overtime to get the family arguing, hurrying and distracted when you are trying to get ready for church? Ugh!

I drove to church mad.  I knew I needed to let my irritation go but my flesh felt entitled to hang on a bit longer.

I sing on the worship team but had no intention of getting on stage this morning, since we were running late.  Service starts at 9:45am and I didn’t get Sweet Pea signed in to the nursery until 9:55!

God had it worked out that our Pastor went over a bit at the first service and was just finishing up announcements when I joined my kids in the sanctuary.  I slid into the pew next to my fellow worship team gals and immediately felt awash with regret and relief.  “I’m glad you’re here” is just what I needed to hear. I am surprised the tears didn’t begin to flow to be quite honest!

There is something about worship music that pierces straight to my heart.  Everything I think is important becomes trivial in light of giving glory to our Sovereign God.  Music in general taps a deep reservoir in my heart and has a way of washing it clean. With hands raised, I think of nothing but God and my desire to be closer to Him.

And, worship doesn’t have to be and shouldn’t be reserved for Sundays.

Our hearts, in order to be clean before God and stay clean before God, need to be in a posture of awestruck worship all the time.

The beauty of creation demands worship.  The wonder of the human body demands worship.  The very breath we take in the morning is cause for worship.

Exalt the LORD our God and worship at his footstool; he is holy. ~Psalm 99:5

What is your favorite way to worship the Lord?

**This is day 9 in the 31 Days to a Clean Heart series.  You can find the other days listed here {at the bottom of the post}. And I am excited for tomorrow as we begin to look at obstacles to having a clean heart**

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  1. I love worship music.  I sing on teams in our House of Prayer.  But you are right, everything we do is worship unto the Lord.  Whether I am singing, praying, washing dishes, it’s not just something I do on Sunday or in the House of Prayer, but every day!


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