{day 12}Walk in Faith

Sweet Pea is taking her first tentative steps.

She much prefers furniture walking– holding on to the couch, a chair or even my leg– to letting go and walking on her own.  When she realizes she is standing without support, she sits down. 

As believers, we can become furniture walkers too.

We say and think we are giving control to God but in reality we cling to the things that make us feel in control and secure.

Sometimes, when we realize we aren’t holding on to anything tangible we sit down too.

In the pursuit of a clean heart, we must be willing to deal with our tendency toward unbelief.

How many times does God have to come through for us before we let go of the furniture?

We have this pseudo sense of control.  We fool ourselves into thinking we can handle situations in our own strength and just turn to God if we screw up the outcome.

Just last night, I worried about a situation in our family that I have no control over.  I fretted, cried, complained and sat down on the floor of unbelief.

The Holy Spirit whispered a Scripture in my ear {Psalm 34} and I turned the situation over to God {as I should have from the beginning}.  I got up from the floor of unbelief and stood up, still holding tight to the furniture.

This morning, I decided to let go of the furniture and I told God “I’m going to give this to You completely.  I know that You hold the world in Your hands and yet, still care about this situation in our family.  I am trusting You to work a miracle like only You can {preferably before 5pm}.”

The enemy was SHOUTING at me that there was no way for this situation to be resolved.  I was sorely tempted to take it back from God and handle it myself.

But, a woman I greatly admire had just written about exercising our faith muscle and I felt called to stand firm in the knowledge that God had it covered.  {Please know that did not mean my flesh was not waging war against my faith}

And, don’t you know, God had my huge-unsolvable-how-will-this-ever-be-okay problem fixed in a way I would have never imagined before lunch?

He is amazing like that, faithful like that and wants to bless us like that!

So why do I still panic and doubt and fret and worry?

Please hear me when I say that God did not create us to worry and panic and fret.  He created us for relationship with Him.  He created us to depend on Him.  He created us to believe and to know that when we let go of the furniture, He is there to catch us if we fall.

Don’t sit down!  Get up and walk in faith!

**This is day 12 in the 31 Days to a Clean Heart series.**



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  1. I was just thinking about this yesterday running errands.  I try to control too many things when it is God who has the ultimate control!

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