Ready or not

Fourteen years ago today, my youngest son was born.  His birth was traumatic for my 18 year old self.

My water broke in the car on the way to the hospital and he was born in the hallway as I was wheeled off the elevator to the labor and delivery floor.

Matthew was coming, whether I was ready or not. {He had been trying to come since 26 weeks but praise God, we made it to 38!}

At home was his sixteen month old brother and in Iowa was his four year old brother, waiting for us to come and rescue him.

I was about to become a mama to three boys under the age of five, ready or not.

Now, Matt is fourteen.  It is a privilege to watch him become a smart, inquisitive, witty, compassionate, unique, creative young man.

Ready or not, my boy is growing up.

Cuddling with Chloe

Happy birthday, Matt!  I love being your mama!


and the counting of gifts continues {#341-350}

~  getting gussied up for my childhood best friend’s wedding reception

~  seeing my hubby all gussied up, he is so handsome

~  singing the B-I-B-L-E with Sweet Pea {her favorite song}

~  antibiotics for a nasty urinary tract infection

~  hot tea with lemon and honey for a nasty head cold

~  feeling better before a new week starts

~  straight talk with our teenagers

~  going through James with fellow believers online and in “real” life

~  unexpected circumstances that draw me straight to His feet

~  the comforting words of Isaiah 26:3 {thanks, Jill}

What are you thankful for?


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  1. Wonderful things to be grateful for!

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