A letter to a dying friend

Dear Sara:

Your blog was one of the first I happened upon when I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2008.  Posts like this one helped me climb out of my own pity party and realize that illness was best handled by focusing on the living.  You gave me that gift with your words, words that probably stole precious energy as you wrote them.

When I almost died in September of that same year I discovered the same peace that you so elegantly exhibit.  The peace that is found in knowing that these momentary circumstances are preparing us for an eternal glory.  An eternal glory that you are close to viewing firsthand.

When I was later diagnosed with lupus, I went back to your blog for encouragement and wisdom.

And, I chose joy for a while.

Then I ended up spending most of the late spring and early summer of this year in bed, because of my chronic illness{es}.  I stopped choosing joy and started choosing the pity party.  And a post that you wrote {back in 2009} kept echoing in my mind.  I read it over and over.  Here is a quote from that post:

“I choose the joy. When something is going badly and I’m dwelling on it, I think instead of something for which I am grateful. I swear to you, it’s as simple as that. You just have to decide today, and again tomorrow. And before you know it, you’ll have an attitude of joy more than any other attitude you have at your disposal.” ~Sara Frankl

So, I began to choose the joy again.  It is easy for me to forget how sometimes.  Thankfully, I have your words to help me get back on track.

We have never met in person and never will this side of heaven.  But girl when I get up there, we are going to be best buds!  You go get a head start on the no pain, perfect body thing.  You deserve it.

We will be okay.  We have your words.  We have your heart-filled, joy-choosing words.

Thank you, sweet sister.  May you find rest in the arms of Jesus.

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  1. ((((heart)))) thank you – thank you. God Bless!!

  2. Wow.  That was lovely.

  3. Deneise Hess says:

    Melissa this was great.  Thank you so much for posting it.

  4. so beautiful.  i have chills.

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