You have been warned

I am guest posting at Scary Mommy today about the challenges of parenting teenagers {in a tongue-in-cheek way}.  Did y’all know I can be funny when I want to be? Sometimes I surprise myself!


The big announcement is that my site, In Be’tween Moms, for those parenting between double digits and the empty nest has launched today!  I am so excited to talk about the good, the bad and the necessary when it comes to parenting older kids.  This site is a place for encouragement, support and information.  I am blessed to have awesome Mentor Moms contributing their insights as well!  The site is a work in progress but please stop by there today and enter in a giveaway to win the book, Why Christian Kids Rebel by Dr. Tim Kimmel.

Have a blessed day!



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  1. Julie McGuire says:

    Okay!  This had me laugh!  As a parent of three teens (19, 18 and 13) I’m surrounded.  Today, my 19 yr old daughter is upset because I am making her look for a part time job while in her sophmore year of college.  Yes, it was a fun morning.  I blog on teens, so check out my latest homework drama with my 13 year old.  I look forward to reading more from a kindred soul!

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