Choosing Joy

Margaret Feinberg calls it a sacred echo.

God whispers something to your heart.

You think you hear but you aren’t sure.

Then, the same thing is repeated somehow, someway and…

if you are paying attention, you can catch the whisper of God, from His heart to yours.  God speaking to you, through His Word, through circumstance, through whatever avenue He chooses to use.

For me, the latest Holy whisper was about choosing joy {it has long been a conversation between God and I}.

First, a blog post wrote long ago came to my remembrance.

Then, the theme of that post became a reverberation across the blogosphere.

And, just to make sure I was listening, the sermon yesterday was about Biblical joy.

As if to say, “Are you listening, Melissa?  No matter the circumstance, no matter the diagnosis, no matter the accusation, no matter the obligation, no matter the daunting task- choose Me.  Choose joy.”

I hear, Lord.  Help me choose joy.

and the counting of gifts continues (331-340)

~ a wake-up call for a relative that needed one

~ stamina to get through a crazy busy week

~ Saturday afternoon naps

~ fresh, crisp apple cider from the orchard

~ difficult circumstances that propel me to the feet of Jesus

~ knowing nothing happens that has not passed through His filter for my life

~ Twitter {specifically winning a laptop in a RT contest}

~ knowing who I am in Christ

~ watching my kids grow into the people God created them to be

~ playing catch with my fur baby

What are you thankful for?


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  1. says:

    “Knowing nothing happens that has not passed through His filter for my life” Yes, there is comfort in that.  Apple cider and Saturday naps–sounds divine:) Blessings to you!

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