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“Let me tell you something, Church. The term marriage has been tainted, scarred, and made a mockery of by the adulteress who willingly accepts a man from a troubled marriage. Marriage has been burnt alive by porn addiction and selfish husbands. Marriage has been destroyed by unforgiving wives and a blatant unwillingness by both parties to lay down their lives. Marriage has not been ruined by the gay community. And if we truly, not self righteously but truly, want to return marriage to its original sanctity, the fight, the cleansing and purifying, has to begin within the church.”

Please go read this post in it’s entirety at Kingdom Twindom.  Thank you for your willingness to say the hard things, Sarah!

And, another post that has me nodding in agreement is “An Apology to Democrats and Jesus” over at Marla’s blog.

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