An Unbalanced Nest

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I have been a parent for half my life.

I will always be a mama.

But, the sands are shifting under my feet.

I have never liked that feeling.

My youngest will be 14 next month.  We are going to his high school orientation tonight.

I want to rewind time.

I look at photo albums and family movies and cry.

I’m not ready for this.

Time marches on…dragging me, kicking and screaming behind.

I know not what God has in store and I know that I still have a lot of parenting left to do.

It just feels like a door is closing and it makes me want to cry.

{The special challenges and joys of parenting teens will be the focus of my new site,, launching September 1st.  Look forward to a humbling line-up of contributors (“mentor moms”) and articles for those of us parenting “between double digits and the empty nest”.  Details coming soon!}

When you have brought up kids, there are memories you store directly in your tear ducts.  ~Robert Brault

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