Playing catch up

Will someone remind me never to sign up for a 30 day meme again?  It makes me feel completely inadequate when I miss a day and have to play catch-up.  Maybe it’s good for the recovering perfectionist in me.

Day 9: Something that makes my life easier

There are many things but I want to share a website with y’all that has been a life saver for me and my family these last few months.  It is called  While I have been recuperating from all these surgeries, friends and church members could sign up to bring us a meal.  The site would send me an email to let me know who to expect and what they were bringing. It was a true God send! {and I appreciate each and every person that took the time to cook for our family more than they will ever know}

Day 10: A photo of then and now

This instructed us to post a photo of us that is more than 10 years old and a current photo


The hubby and I on our wedding day 7/6/97

I was 18 when we married and Matthew was baking in my tummy.  Jared was 13 months old and had just started walking.   I thank God that He found us broken {about six months later} and became the third strand of the chord in our marriage. He is the only reason we are still together {and happily, I might add} 14 years later.



Mike and I this summer 6/11


Day 11: Favorite Band/Artist

Without a doubt, Natalie Grant is my favorite artist.  Her music speaks to my heart and her heart for helping others endears me even more.

Day 12: Something that I am particular about

To be honest, there are many things I am particular about {hello, recovering Type-A here} but the list has gotten smaller over the years.  If I needed to name one thing it would be my pantry.  When things are on the wrong shelf, or not in the proper container it makes me anxious and irritable.  Same thing with the refrigerator and my cabinets.  Maybe I am just particular about my kitchen LOL

Okay, I am caught up and I am putting the rest of these challenges in draft form so I don’t neglect to answer the rest of the questions.

Hope you are having a great Saturday!

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  1. Ooh I would love to have you come organize my fridge and pantry.  They are nightmares!

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