On ER visits and Facebook

I am the mama of three boys.  I have experienced my fair share of emergency room visits.

Nothing prepared me for Saturday.

Jared had been out riding his bike.  He doesn’t have his cell phone because he is on restriction.  A strange number called my phone and my boy was on the other end.  Obviously crying, upset and in pain.  “Mommy, I chopped my finger off.”

He hasn’t called me “mommy” since the double digit birthday in 2006.  This was serious.

He said he was down by the apartments {there are two sets of apartments in our expansive neighborhood}.

I was in the living room. I can’t drive. I wasn’t sure where everyone else in the house was.

So, I did what any rational human being would do. I screamed like a woman possessed and headed out to the van {forgetting my knee brace} to wait for whoever got there to take me to my baby.

My hubby and Miss S. came running….Miss S. even forgot her shoes.  We sped to the first set of apartments {darn speed bumps slowed us down} and thankfully I saw him.  Holding his hand with blood soaked paper towels {provided by the guy who had let him use his phone and stayed with him until we got there}, I could tell he was going in to shock.  He was white as a sheet, sweating profusely and vomiting all over the place {including on Miss S. on our way to the hospital}.

Miss S. had her wits about her enough to ask where the severed fingertip was.  I gave her napkins out of the glove compartment, while Mike helped Jared into the van and God love her…she picked up the bloody thing and brought it with us. {As a matter of fact, it was next to me in my cup holder the whole ride to the hospital…a fact it is good I did not know until we arrived at the ER and Mike retrieved it.}

I can only imagine what we looked like as we entered the ER….me hobbling along with my walker, Jared was scissor walking as he was about to pass out and Miss S. all bare footed and screaming for help.  The orderly got Jared a wheelchair and took us right back to a trauma room.

They took off the paper towels and this mama would have hit the floor if the nurse had not caught me and guided me into a wheelchair.  When they asked for my own son’s birthday, I just looked up and burst into hysterical tears and threw up in a trashcan {I wasn’t handling all this very well, in case you couldn’t tell}

My hubby appeared having found a parking space a football field away.  They took the napkin with the fingertip and placed it in a bag with ice.

I called Jason {who had taken his girlfriend on a dinner date} and told him I needed him to get my knee brace and some shoes for Miss S from home and come to the ER.

They numbed Jared’s finger and after a while, he was cracking jokes and back to his charming self.

He even had Jason’s girlfriend take pictures for Facebook {I sure wasn’t going to be the photographer!}

All was well until it was time for the re-attachment.  Just at the thought, my knees buckled. The doctor said I needed to leave and wait in the waiting room because they didn’t need another patient.

Mike and Miss. S were there for Jared while Jason and his girlfriend wheeled me out to the waiting room.

And, that is where I became thankful for Facebook.

I was a blubbering mess.  I felt bad for not being there for my boy, overwhelmed and where else, other than Facebook can you just put out the prayer request and have immediate response.  Reading everyone’s responses and promises of prayer kept me distracted and engaged until they came out and said he was okay.

I am thankful today that I live in the age of social media.

And, that my boy is going to be okay.

Fingertip reattached, headed home

And the counting of gifts continues:

~ a family that comes together in a crisis

~ skilled surgeon

~ patient nurses

~ pain pills for my patient

~ smartphones

~ prayers from friends

~ a calm hubby, no matter the circumstance

~ finger splints

~ a good long nap

~ knowing God is in control

What are you thankful for?

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  1. Oh my goodness. I am so thankful that he is ok!!!  How are you doing now? Don’t be too hard on yourself…who knows how any one of us would react in the same situation. *hugs*

    • He is ok..sleeping a lot because of the pain medicine. We follow up with the surgeon on Wednesday to see if the reattachment is going to take. thanks for the encouragement.

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  2. Oh Melissa – I know that had to have been awful, but I must admit that I laughed out loud reading your recap. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery for your little man and a LONG time till you see that ER again! 😉

  3. It is tough when our kids hurt! Having raised 4, we had our fair share of ER visits and no social media at the time. Well until the last year or so. And then I got in trouble for saying something about being at the ER with my 17 year old. She didn’t want her business all over facebook! I guess unless of course she puts it there herself, lol!
    Glad everyone is as okay as can be! Is he right-handed? Tough time with school starting!
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  4. Kelly Sowers says:

    All in all – I’d say it was a unique day not soon forgotten.  You are probably already laughing about all this.  Isn’t it amazing the different ways that God finds to bring a family  together in a crisis AND that a true blessing is found in that!    So happy to hear that Jared is mending well!  And it’s awesome to know who he will turn to when in a time of need!  Nothing like being a Mommy!  My very favorite thing about Facebook – a lot of prayer in no time flat!  We too had this pleasure when my mother was recently visiting the hospital and she tested positive for a blood clot –  I requested prayer via Facebook and my phone continued to light up for a solid 30 minutes.  The cat scan showed no blood clot and the doctor was left speechless w/ no explanation.  I had the answer – PRAYER & GOD!!  
    Sounds like God has you and your family covered well w/ a lot of priceless gifts!!

  5. Hi, I came across your blog on the a Daily Dose of Toni, 30 Day Challenge. Where is Martinsburg, WV? I grew up in Huntington (at least till I was 6). 


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