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{participating in Toni’s 30 days about me challenge}

Day 14: Somewhere you’d love to travel

I love {with a capital L} to travel!

And the place I would like to visit most is……Greece.

The reasons:

  • The scenery.
  • The culture and history.  To see with my own eyes the main cities and the smaller areas, like Philippi and Thessaloniki, would be amazing.  Retracing the Apostle Paul’s footsteps would be humbling and amazing. Not to mention, the medieval history that abounds in that area.  I would need several weeks to explore {in a perfect world of course}.
  • The food.  Oh my word, the food! I can’t even imagine how many varieties of olives there are there.  I love Greek food!

As you can see, I would love to travel to Greece.

Other places on my travel short list are:

  • Italy
  • Prince Edward Island
  • St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

We also want to take a short term mission trip as a family and are in the process of narrowing down our destination.

Where is somewhere you would love to visit?

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  1. St. Thomas is awesome! I would love to go to Greece too. 

  2. I would love to visit Japan.  But Greece would be amazing as well 🙂

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