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Remember when I said I wouldn’t fall behind on posting for Toni’s 30 day challenge?


So, anyway here I am playing catch up again {days 15-22}.  Bear with me, mmmk?

Day 15: Show your dream home

If this question had been posed three years ago, my dream would have materialized quite differently.  However, since reading Radical and going on a journey with God {as a family} our view of our future and our desires for that future have changed.  No longer do I want to move to the mountains to a log cabin with my hubby.  I don’t need granite counter tops or hardwood floors {although I’m not opposed to either}. In fact, we made the decision to downsize in December 2009 to a house half the size with a lot an eighth of the size and have not regretted it {except for the days I long for peace and quiet SOMEWHERE in this house}.

We are open to moving, if God calls us to.  If I could live anywhere I wanted, it would be southern Florida to be near my brothers, nephews and my dad. And, the house in those dreams looks like this:

This is a picture of my brother Tom’s house and I would be more than happy to be his next door neighbor!

{skipping day 16 because the crazy things I have done in my life are not things I am sharing with the interwebs}

Day 17: Something you are insecure about/something you are proud of

I am crazy insecure about my weight.  I have gained over 45 pounds since 2008 when I was diagnosed with MS.  The inactivity from injuries and illness, coupled with side effects of medication plus a lack of self control in the face of depression has me weighing more than I ever have.

I am also insecure about my writing.  Whenever I press publish on a post {or don’t} it is usually because of paralyzing fear, rooted in insecurity {which truly equates to pride}.  This is something I talk with the Lord about often.

I am proud of the children I have raised.  My boys are special, funny, polite, confident and most importantly, they love Jesus.  Since I started at this parenting thing young and not knowing Christ, I am constantly amazed at who they are growing up to be.

I am also proud of my hubby and I.  We married as two wounded unbelievers and have weathered many storms.  We have been together for almost 16 years and have been married for 14!  Praise the Lord!

Day 18: Wedding Talk

I’ve already posted a picture of our wedding day for this challenge so I will tell you a little about the day.  It was a hot, clear day in July and we had a beautiful outdoor ceremony.  One of my favorite memories of the day is that my great-grandmother Inez attended from Florida.  She passed away in 2006 but she always talked about that day and I am blessed that she was there for it.  Marrying Mike is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Day 19:  Talents and Hobbies

I love to write.  Some say it is a talent of mine.  I also sing….I love to sing on the worship team at church {and in the shower and the car}. I like to read, travel, ride on the back of my hubby’s Harley and spend time with my kiddos {fur and human!}

Day 20: Something I wish I could forget

The sting of being rejected by your mother is one that fades {until it happens again, then the wound feels as fresh as the first time} but does not ever go away.  I wish that it did.

Day 21: Favorite Recipe

I love the burgers my hubby makes for the grill.  You can find the recipe on my local blog.

Day 22: Favorite Websites

For inspiration: (in)Courage, A Holy Experience

For frugal living: Balancing Beauty and Bedlam, Pennies and Blessings

For the writer’s soul: Chatting at the Sky, Lysa TerKeurst’s blog

For parenting boys: The M.O.B Society {I write a monthly column there called Tackling the Talk}

For fun: Scary Mommy, Rage against the Mini Van

For making me think: A Deeper Story, Desiring God blog, Shaun Groves

Kindred Spirits: Joy in this Journey, Teri Lynne Underwood, Brooke McGlothlin, Lynette Kraft, Marla Taviano, She Sparkles, We are THAT Family


And, that is ENOUGH about me for one day 🙂



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