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Playing a little catch up here for Toni’s challenge:

Favorite TV shows…hmmmm.

Truth be told, before my knee injury in March and subsequent surgery in July, I don’t often get control of the remote in this house.  With mostly testosterone flowing in casa de Smallwood, our TV is mostly on the History channel, Animal Planet and National Geographic. Mostly the History channel.

When I get a turn, I like to engage in other people’s lives by watching reality TV {The Bachelor, Dancing with the Stars, etc}.  It is like watching a social experiment to me!  I also love almost anything on HGTV.  Since I used to own a professional organizing business and would still do the work if my body would cooperate, I watch Hoarders.  It makes me sad to see people controlled by stuff.

I am a full time volunteer for an agency that works with teen moms so I DVR shows like Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant.  You can read what I think about those shows here.

That is about it for TV.

Moving on to today’s prompt: favorite books.

Obviously, if you have read any post I write you will know that my all time favorite book is The Word of God, the Bible.  It is my road map, my life line, a love letter to me {and you}.

I prefer to read books, non-fiction mostly, that point me back to the Book.  One of the books that has truly changed the we live and breathe and follow after Jesus is Radical by David Platt.  We read this book as a family in May of last year and our lives have not been the same since.  God has had us on an exciting adventure, with plenty of ups and downs, as we give our lives to Him in new and exciting ways.  {I wrote a whole series on the book last fall if you want to venture through the archives.}

Others I love:

Crazy Love by Francis Chan

Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller

and I just read Radical Together by David Platt and it has challenged me afresh!

As for fiction- I don’t take much time to read it lately but my all time favorite book is Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery.  I have the whole set and read them anytime I need a feel-good-pick-me-up type of book.  I like to take Karen Kingsbury books to the beach.

What do you like to watch on TV and read?

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