Covenant and the sex talk

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Today’s culture and society has lost sight of the seriousness of the covenant of marriage and the role of sex. Sex is symbolic of a covenant between a married man and his wife. A covenant that we will be held accountable to one day.
In a culture where sex is viewed casually and more than half of marriages end in divorce, we as moms need to teach our boys about covenant….

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  1. I completely agree. I have four girls and one boy and sex has always been a topic we speak openly and frankly about in our house — about what it is, what it’s not, what we expect, and what God expects. It’s best to help children develop their opinions, views, and beliefs about sex early on in life BEFORE others get a chance to taint their perception. They are much more apt to follow in God’s design if they aren’t made to feel it’s a taboo topic in the home and are made clearly aware of the family’s core values system before they’re exposed to the more lax, liberal ones society embraces.

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