Writing an ebook and loving it

I have had two ebook manuscripts sitting in my documents for several months.

Fear has kept me from publishing them.

That and not knowing what the heck am I doing! 

I was thrilled when Sarah Mae, co-founder of the Relevant Conference {a life changing weekend for me last October} and author of one of my favorite blogs, wrote her latest ebook, How to Market and Sell your eBook, everything you need to know to make money with epublishing.

I devoured the ebook.  I even printed it out so I could highlight and take notes.

The book delivers on it’s promise to teach you everything you need to know about epublishing and it does not disappoint.  It is chock full of resources, tips and practical knowledge that every would-be ebook writer needs to know.

I feel equipped and ready to move my manuscript from documents to .pdf and make it available to my readers.  Thank you to Sarah Mae for the information and the kick in the pants to make this dream a reality.

If you have considered epublishing at any point in your writing journey, please do yourself a favor and invest in this ebook.  It is well worth the $4.99 investment {and way more}!


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