A true gift

It is just a box you check on your driver’s license.

I have never given it much thought, until this week.

Monday, I received a gift from a woman I will never know.

Part of her knee was grafted into mine so that I will be able to walk again without brace, cane or walker.

ACL reconstruction is usually done by taking your own muscle from somewhere else {a hamstring, etc} and literally reconstructing the ACL that was torn in my fall.  However, because I have MS and other medical conditions the surgeons agreed that donor tissue was the best way to go.

And, on Monday they attached the ACL of a fifty year old woman into my right knee.  I don’t know the details of the tragedy or accident that took her life.  I just know that she had a giving heart because she chose to give of herself, even after death.

A few days later an envelope arrived in the mail that gives me the chance to thank the donor’s family for making the choice to let her body be used for good, even after she stopped living.

As I wrote my thanks in a card and struggled for words, I felt so grateful.  People don’t realize that organ and tissue donors don’t just give hearts and lungs and life saving parts, they also give live giving parts.  That ACL didn’t save my life but it will improve the quality of my life beyond measure.  For that I am grateful.

I have had that box checked since I first got my license.  Will you consider the same?

And the counting of thanks continues…

~  pain killers

~  ice packs

~  chocolate covered pretzels

~  friends that bring meals

~  anti embolism stockings

~  Redbox

~  kids old enough to care for their recovering mama

~  fur babies that snuggle up, knowing you don’t feel good

~  an empty blog reader

~ generosity of strangers

What are you thankful for?

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  1. Praying for a speedy recovery, Melissa. I have *always* been a donor. It just doesn’t make sense not to be…

  2. Melissa Melvin says:

    beautiful words, Melissa. I am continuing to pray for you! 

  3. What a blessing!  I didn’t know that donor recipients had a chance to thank the donor’s family…that must have been so meaningful to do.

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