Somehow our television was on the absolutely frightening spectacle that is Bridezilla this weekend.

I love to study human behavior and this show did not disappoint.

The women were obnoxious to their potential spouses and pretty much everyone else in their path.  I got haughty for a moment.  How can people act like that?  Why are these men marrying women that treat them like that?

And, then it was like the film started in my mind.  All the times I have gone all wife-zilla on my hubby.

To be brutally honest, it happens far more often than I would like to admit.

I am stressed out about something and the person I snap at is Mike.

I am tired and the person I take it out on is Mike.

I am sad and the person I lash out at is Mike.

Don’t get me wrong, I love him and treat him well {most of the time}.

But, I am quick to be irritable and sharp tongued to the man that loves me most in this world.

Today, my prayer is that the Holy Spirit whispers to me {and I listen} each time I am tempted to act like wife-zilla.

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