God, use me

My friend and ministry partner, Jill, said something at a church we spoke at yesterday that reminded me of what happens when we say “yes” to God.  She was sharing her testimony of how she began working with YoungLives, the teen mom ministry she leads and I love.  And, she mentioned the power of the prayer she had prayed “God, use me”.

I chuckle when I think of praying that same prayer. If you had asked me two years ago if I would be working with teenagers {and loving it} I would have laughed out loud.  I used to pray the “God, use me” prayers but I would add to it.

  • God, use me…as long as it’s comfortable for me.
  • God, use me…as long as it does NOT involve annoying teenagers.
  • God, use me…as long as I don’t have to give up too much

and I could go on and on….

Then, as I relinquished control and prayed the shorter version “God, use me” PERIOD, things got crazy!  The God kind of crazy {that’s the best kind}

Now, I get to invest my time and energy into the lives of pregnant and parenting teen girls and their precious little ones.  I am privileged to spend my life in the pursuit of Jesus and introduce that Jesus to these girls.

Our 2nd annual pool party

God weaves together the tapestry of our lives. The experiences, the mistakes, the circumstances and uses them for His glory, if we allow Him to {II Corinthians 1}, and for that I am grateful!

And, the counting of gifts continues:

~  a donated area to have a fantastic pool party and picnic with our teen mama’s and their babes

~  a hubby that supports my crazy, busy, ministry life

~  sunscreen

~  chubby babies in bathing suits

~  air conditioning in the van on the way home from the pool party

~  funny baby noises

~  teen mama’s that express their gratitude for “such a fun time”

~  getting my cup filled at a church while speaking there

~  learning hand motions to worship songs

~  hi-lites in my hair

What are you thankful for?



  1. Jenna Mace says:

    Visiting from Ann’s…couldn’t agree more with “chubby babies in bathing suits”…thanks for sharing your list.

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