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Wide open spaces.  That is what I miss about our previous home.  We lived there for the majority of my boy’s growing up years and the wide open spaces were perfect for active boys.

Trees to climb, space to run, plenty of hiding places and very little peer influences.  Our neighborhood had few homes {our two acre lot was the smallest lot} and only two other children lived in the development.  For my boys to have interaction with friends, it involved prior arrangements with their parents, except for seeing each other at school, etc.

Now, the doorbell rings.

We live in an actual neighborhood.  I love it here but have determined the downside is the proximity to other kids, many of whom are being raised in a way quite different than my boys.

Jared has had his bike stolen, Matthew has new tormenters on the bus.  And, with more peer influence comes more peer pressure to fit in.

My 14 year old seems to be most susceptible to people pleasing.  I am not saying that the boys that he hangs out with are bad but rather have different rules and expectations than Jared.

And a rule of life that I have long taught to my boys seems to be proving true…it is easier for someone to pull you down than for you to pull them up.

These influences worry me.  Jared makes good choices {most of the time} but will that continue with the constant opportunities to make bad ones? I’m already known as the “strictest mom” in the neighborhood.  Do I cut off his association with some of the ones I worry the most about or let him live and learn?

This parenting thing does not get easier as the kids get older.  That is for certain.

How do you handle negative peer influences in your child’s life?

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  1. Patricia Wood says:

    I’ve read your blog quite a few times and u really seem to do such a good job with ur kids. Mine are all out of the house now. My youngest is 20 and just moved out with her boyfriend. Peer pressure was bad while she was in school. I really wish I would have done a better job with her while she was in school. she was so hard to handle. Your a Christian mother and seem to do a great job. Keep it up and God Bless
    Patricia Wood

    • Thank you for those kind words! Parenting is one of those things that if not
      surrendered to God I would ever be able to accomplish in my own strength.
      Glory be to Him!

  2. Tracy @ Hall of Fame Moms says:

    Be vigilent, mama. Don’t let peer pressure make any of you change. Better to be known as the “strict” one than to have a popular, ungodly son who chooses the easy way out instead of living for the Lord. I feel your pain. (Found you at the MOB linkup).

  3. kstar88 says:

    I have two boys, ages 6 & 2.  Our oldest is finishing kindergarten this month, so we have not had to deal with serious peer pressure yet.  He does however pick up some bad words and behaviors that are not taught, or allowed, at home.

    I do have personal experience with negative peer pressure, and the devastating effects it has.   My 16 year old cousin died of a drug overdose, given to her by her friends.  So while some say that total isolation is not good for their social development, I tend to lean more on the side that says to protect them while you can. 

    Following from the MOB society.


  4. If you have a “coachable” tween/teen, life is much easier. Sticking to your guns, not backing down is so important. Talking about real-life issues from beliefs to politics to finances is also important. However, the bible is full of stories of  sons who rebelled against authority – God knows that some of our sons will do that. That is when our faith, our prayers work when relationship cannot – but that is usually when they are 18+. Having their friends over to your house is the best way to keep an eye on their friendships and not allow them to get lost in the shadows.


    • Thank you.. I so agree about having the friends at our house and am going to
      make more of an effort for that to be an attractive option.

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