Parenting and illness

There is a sad story circulating the news outlets that has mothers {including myself} outraged.  A judge in North Carolina has taken primary custody of a mother’s young children away, mostly because she is battling stage 4 breast cancer.

{A summary of the story and other posts on the web can be found here.}

While I do not pretend to have all the facts of this case nor am I privy to the thought process of the judge involved, the premise is frightening.

I live with chronic illness.  MS, Lupus, a blood clotting disorder, etc. impact my health every day.

Does illness also impact my parenting?


Does illness render me incapable of adequately parenting my children?

Absolutely not.

The thought of what this woman is enduring, on top of fighting for her life for the past four years, brings tears to my eyes and pains my heart.

The trials of life are what make us strong, show us what we our souls are made of.  My children will be better adults because they have lived through their mother almost dying.  Right now, they are having to pitch in more and help out more because I have been immobile since my fall in March.  That is life.

The ups and downs, in sickness and health…children should be with their mother. As I said a few years ago, It wasn’t my time….yet. Let us all remember to live every day for Him and the path that He has anointed for us as we do not know the day, time or hour that God could call any of us home. Apparently, this judge needs to be reminded that no one but our Creator knows when our time on earth is finished.  Who is she to deny this mother and her children the opportunity to be together for however long life is?

If the children are being raised in a stable and loving home, there is no reason for them to be uprooted 600 miles away to live with their father.  This case sets a scary precedent and I pray the decision is overturned in the appeals process.

Dare I say that living with an emotionally unhealthy mother is far more damaging to a child than living with a physically unhealthy mother? Yet, judges allow children to stay in toxic homes far too often.

I pray for Alaina Giordano and I ask that each one of you that read this lift her up in prayer as well.  Stop by her blog and leave her a comment.








  1. Chelsey says:

    This is so incredibly sad…

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