What I learned from Oprah

I have watched Oprah for as long as I can remember.

A woman to look up to for a girl who shared similar wounds from childhood. A woman that rose above the challenges of her life and desired to do good things for others.

As I grew and realized we thought differently about many things, I didn’t watch with the frequency of my youth.  Occasionally, I will turn on her show as background noise {is it weird that I concentrate better with background noise? perhaps a side effect of a busy, noisy house} and that is what I did the other day.

I was checking emails, halfway listening to Oprah’s conversation with a previous guest. I turned up the volume when I realized she was apologizing to him.  And her words pierced my heart… “I was coming from a place of pride and “How dare he?”

I turned off the TV and turned to my journal.

I have been dealing with a lot of offense in my life this past week.  Being misunderstood, having my motives questioned, being falsely accused.

And, I have been operating from a place of pride and “How dare they?”

How dare they think that of me?

How dare they say that about me?

How dare they?

I had been preoccupied with compiling snarky email responses that I would never send, biting text messages that I will never compose and preparing to defend my case.

Because I would never actually hit send, I sat with a holier than them attitude, while resentment and bitterness ate away at my heart and attitude.

Her words pricked my conscience.

How dare I?

These six things the Lord hates, indeed, seven are an abomination to Him:

A proud look [the spirit that makes one overestimate himself and underestimate others], a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, A heart that manufactures wicked thoughts and plans, feet that are swift in running to evil, A false witness who breathes out lies [even under oath], and he who sows discord among his brethren.My son, keep your father’s [God-given] commandment and forsake not the law of [God] your mother [taught you].  Proverbs 6: 15-20 (Amplified Bible)

My prayer today is that God continues to convict me about my pride problem.  That He uses whatever necessary {even Oprah} to remind me when I am allowing distractions and my haughty flesh to reign in my heart, rather than Him.

You can judge me for watching Oprah.

I won’t get offended.






  1.  Wow!! What a powerful post! I definitely think the Lord can use all sorts of means to convict and motivate us to change in different areas (even Oprah!!) 🙂 Thanks for linking up at A Steady Rain today!! 

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