Fill my tank

Why do we run on empty and then wonder why we are stressed and burnt out?

This was a question posed by my pastor a few months ago.  I wrote it down because, while an obvious sentiment, I forget this principle far too often in my busy life.

I have been running on empty lately.  Two kids are graduating, vacation plans, physical therapy and other doctor appointments,15th birthdays, church obligations, ministry work, writing–you get the picture.

Something’s gotta give.

Unfortunately, it has been my marriage and my relationship with God.  I was reminded by a good friend that we can say that God is our number one priority and our spouse is a close second but if the way we spend our time and energy do not reflect that, we are fooling ourselves.

I was in a rush this morning and knew I needed to stop and get gas in my van.  Imagine my delight when I looked down and saw that the gas gauge read full.  My sweet hubby, who knows my primary love language is acts of service, must’ve snuck off to the gas station up the street last night to make my life easier.

My tank is full.

Then, I wonder is Mike’s tank full?

Probably not..since he has not been my primary focus lately.

Excuse me ladies, I have a love tank to fill.

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