UBP 11- Multitasking Mama Style

Welcome to my neck of the blogging woods!  I am participating in the UBP ’11 for those of you here for that and for those that aren’t, you can click on the button below to learn more about it.

My name is Melissa Smallwood, a.k.a Multitasking Mama.  Not that I advocate multi-tasking, just that I am in that life stage right now.  Married for almost fourteen years to a handsome and wonderful man, Mike:

We were married when I was eighteen so we have literally grown up together.  Circumstances and experiences have brought us closer together rather than tearing us apart, thanks to the God we strive to keep at the center of our home.

We have three sons: Jason turned eighteen on Wednesday.  Being his mama has been a journey you can read more about here .  Suffice it to say, I believe that adoption is God’s plan! Jared is the first child born of my womb, you can read all about him on my testimony page. He will be 15 years old in May.  Matt is my youngest and is 13 years old. Parenting all three of my boys is a blessing and a challenge.  I write about parenting teens/tweens every Tuesday {used to be Thursdays for my faithful readers}.

Added to the crazy mix of the Smallwood household is a teenage mama {Miss S.} and her 7 month old baby, Sweet Pea.  They have been a wonderful addition to our family.

Add to the mix our two fur babies {a chihuahua and a mini schnauzer} and the random friends of the above teenagers and our house is usually bustling with chaos…and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This place on the internet is my space…to write, to vent and to share my day to day journey through life.

I write mainly about motherhood, marriage, ministry and living with chronic illness.

This was my most popular post in March.

If I were having any of you into my home today, you would discover the following things about me:

  • Our home is clean and organized in a lived-in sort of way.
  • My eyebrows desperately need a good wax.
  • I like fresh brewed sweet tea.
  • Any plant in my home must be fake because otherwise they would be dead plants.
  • I like the color green.

You would also probably wonder the following things about me:

  • How can she hear herself think in that house?
  • Where do all the people fit?
  • Does she read all those books?

You can find out more about me here.  My passion is to help women discover the power of their story and to share my story for God’s glory.

I am very direct and to the point, my friends say “she doesn’t do small talk”.  I cut to the chase and don’t have time for clutter- physical or emotional. My hubby is a very patient man 🙂

I would love for you to stick around this place to learn more about me.  You can receive my updates to your inbox or subscribe in a reader.  I am also on Facebook and Twitter with the other cool kids.

Now I am off to catch up with old blog friends and “party” with new ones! I look forward to getting to know you all!

Have a blessed weekend!


  1. Thanks for stopping by!
    I like green and sweet tea too! Sweet tea from McDonalds. I dunno how they make it so yummy.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m from West Virginia – Fairmont/Morgantown area – but now live in Alabama. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

    • I used to travel to Morgantown all the time when I worked outside the home.
      It is about an 1 1/2 drive from where I live. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hi Melissa! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today! I love seeing familiar faces (along with the new ones) during the UBP! Will you be coming to Relevant again this year? I hope to see you there! Praying for a quick recovery for you!!

  4. Nice to meet you Melissa! I’m stopping over via UBP’11:)

  5. Wow, Melissa, you have an incredible story! I am stopping by from UBP’11 and wanted to say hello!

  6. Wow! How do you hear yourself think anyway? 🙂 That looks like chaos, but I’m sure it is amazing in every way! Looks like God is using your family for mighty things.

    Oh, and my motto is, “I’m incapable of small talk.” Gotta love someone on the same page!

    Stop by and say hi when you get the chance. See you then!

  7. Dominiquegoh says:

    Hi Melissa,
    your blog design has changed a lot since the last time I stopped by. visiting via UBP.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Oh, I”m a reader and mama of 3 boys, too! Nice to meet you!

  9. Glenda Childers says:

    Lovely to meet you, Melissa, through ubp. Your house sounds busy and fun.


    Gg – Notes on the Journey #269

  10. Ahem..I clicked the mug from your shelf and got an empty page, I have pics you can borrow! Have a great party!

  11. Melissa,
    Holy cow, you need to be multitasking to live your life! Thanks for sharing your words and photos.

    Clicked over from the Blog Party!

  12. Wow! Sounds like you have your hands full! Stopping by from UBP. Hope you take the time to check out my site!

  13. Hmmm. We can definitely relate to each other about the eyebrows! I’ve been musing about a waxing for some time now, I just have to go out and get it done!

    I like that you love to “tell it like it is.” I’m like that, too. You’ll find out more about me on http://daintymom.blogspot.com, where I blog about motherhood, marriage, and how moms can feel fabulous about themselves as work-at-home moms. I hope we can follow each other back! Have a great day!


  14. thanks for stopping by! I will return the favor.

  15. macdougallh says:

    Just stopping by from UBP11 to say hi! Of course your name caught my eye because as a moma of teenagers, that’s all I do these days! Awww I loved your introduction! And those kids and that baby are so cute! Can’t wait to read more about your multi tasking life 🙂


  16. hey there! Stopping by via UBP11 🙂 My eyebrows too need a good wax (and you’re home is probably tidier than mine!) Nice to “meet” you!

  17. Roller Coaster says:

    What a great intro! I’m a new follower from the Ultimate Blog Party. It’s nice to meet you. Hope you can stop by and say hi. 🙂

    Wife on the Roller Coaster

  18. I don’t know if my whole post came across–sorry if it was just my website. Came over from UBP. Was blessed today by your testimony and ministry to others. I’m excited to be following. Would love for you to join me over at my party! http://trinketsofthought.com/2011/04/01/life/ubp-2011-and-50-giveaway

  19. thanks for stopping by…look forward to discovering your blog as well!

  20. Thanks for stopping by…creating a healthy home is definitely important.
    Will stop by your blog soon!

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