From harsh to healing

My words cut like a knife through the marrow of who they are becoming.

I could come up with a bazillion excuses for my short temper, impatience and frustration.  But, really?  What good does that do me or them?

This weekend I spent time just observing my three strong, sweet and silly boys.

And I was so convicted.

How many times do I sharpen the sword of my tongue and aim cruel words at the hearts of my children (Psalm 64:3) without even realizing it?

These sweet boys turning men deserve so much more from their mama.

Today, I am thankful for the chance to apologize and to spend time praying over my boys and to have my heart softened to the words I speak over them and to them.

and the counting of gifts continues {excerpts from my gift journal through #220}

~ thunder and lightening that remind me of the power of God

~ support from friends that live in my computer and also in my heart

~ spring weather with the windows open, cool breeze on my skin

~ Popeye’s fried chicken

~ Joyce Meyer and Beth Moore on TV since I can’t make it to my church right now

~ convicting Scriptures and allowing Jesus to speak to my heart, quenching the desire to put my fingers in my ears and stick to my old ways

~ Sweet Pea’s belly laughs

~ making plans for our family vacation to celebrate Miss S. and Jason’s high school graduations

~ a short, but oh so sweet, visit with my dad

What are you thankful for?



  1. So true, Melissa – had some similar thoughts this morning. Our response to our kids reveals so much about our hearts… many times things I would rather not see!

  2. Enjoyed reading your list ….and can definitely empathize with the harsh words and one wonders “why?” ..”Who do I think I am anyway?” I am having a good day of letting everything just be … so what is really important doesn’t get destroyed by my good intentions wrapped in selfish words. Words who’s root is just about “my way” and “my peace” and “my clean house” and “my feeling good about myself.” Hope your day goes well. Hug those boys for me …because two of my three oldest boys are 14 hrs. away at college and I wish I could hug them right now. You will miss all their mess and noise someday. I miss them and I still have six here!!! Blessings!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I love thunderstorms! As long as they do no harm that is. 🙂 I am looking forward to some open windows. A dad visit is the *best*.

  4. I love your honesty Melissa! If only more parents admitted their mistakes.

    I love what you wrote:
    “support from friends that live in my computer and in my heart”.

    I never heard it written that way but I too am thankful for many friends I’ve come to know and love through our blogging community. I wish I could have been at your church when Jill of Forever N Ever N Always was speaking. Jill is one of the friends I’ve grown to love through blogging.

    Blessings and love,

    P.S. I pray that you will feel better soon.

    • Debbie, can you believe that I couldn’t even be there when Jill was
      speaking? My health issues kept me away and I was heartbroken (although I
      have had the distinct privilege of spending time in person with Jill on
      several other occasions). The blogging community definitely holds a special
      place in my heart. Thanks so much for being a part of that!

  5. I’m thankful for all the positive posts I’ve read today. So funny since I posted mine (Stop Complaining) before reading any of them. I guess many of us were on the same page. We also all have God in our lives. He’s always working. : )
    ~ Mona

  6. I know your struggle, our tongues are so difficult to master. I long to abide in the Lord so the overflow of my heart that comes out is sweet water, not bitter. May God help all of us to bear fruit on our tongues!! It is a precious, beautiful thing to confess our sins to our children, isn’t it? I have to do this often. But one good thing that comes from it, is that it shows our children the need for a Savior, a Savior, a Savior. Oh how I need Him! Love your list.Thanks for sharing an honest heart. Here is a recent post that I wrote on my struggle with my tongue…

  7. Stopping in from the UBP and looking forward to reading more!

  8. Lot Elf says:

    I am always feeling sad and guilty for for pointing my hard words to my kids when it is really myself or someone else I am angry with. My oldest will now call me out on it and I get to slow down and appologize to her for it. I need to work on this so it doesn’t happen so often, but working through anxiety makes it hard sometimes. Thank you for sharing.

  9. I’m here from Ann’s again. My favorite thank you from your list this week is ~ Joyce Meyer and Beth Moore on TV since I can’t make it to my church right now (I’ve never even heard Beth Moore – but I know women who adore her – and Joyce? I remember sitting in on her way back when she had a weekly gathering of about 15 people in her living room – times have changed)

    And you are such a good mom – temper is human – saying sorry – that’s a mom’s love and there is nothing in the world like it. Thank you for this and God bless and keep you and all of yours.

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