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I took this interesting and enlightening quiz {you must be brutally honest and prayerful for the responses to be accurate} that assesses your maturity in your relationship with Christ.  Thank you, Rachel Olson, for posting the link to this!

I am posting my results for several reasons:

  1. To hold myself accountable to the scores I am convicted on
  2. I will probably want to write about some of the scores and what God shows me through looking at ways to grow closer to Him
  3. To encourage other believers to take the quiz themselves.
  4. To remain humbled by the depth of my human depravity and recognize that NOTHING happens in my life apart from the Vine

My scores:

Love: 70.5%

Joy: 77.1%

Inner Peace: 71.4%

Patience and Gentleness: 52.9%

Kindness and Generosity: 78.6%

Faithfulness: 72.9%

Self-Control: 65.7%

Forgiveness: 51.4%

Gratitude: 74.3%

Compassion: 90%

Patience and self-control are areas God has been working with me on, and I pray that the painful pruning continues.

Here is a tool for interpreting your results after you take the quiz: click here.

Father God, grow me closer to you.  Each and every day let me wake up wanting nothing more than Your will for me that day.  Open my eyes to the areas where I hold on to fleshly desires and my Adam nature.  More of You, less of me, Jesus! Amen.


  1. This was eye opening to me as well. Prayerfully, God will help us lean on
    Him in those areas!

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