The Truth Hurts

I know something about my son.

He doesn’t know that I know.

He may suspect that I do but he is too afraid of my reaction to mention it.

A part of me enjoys watching him squirm.

A bigger part of me is disappointed in what he is keeping from me and his dad.

An even bigger part of me was feeling self-righteous anger that a child that I raised would have the audacity to be deceptive.

Yes, I felt that way.  Like, who does this kid think he is?  Lying about something?  He knows better…he has been raised better….


Where is the grace in that?  Where is the life lesson being played out?

Since when did I develop spiritual amnesia?  To think that I have set an example of exemplary Christian behavior that any child would be wise to follow is ridiculous.

What about the times I have told him to tell the caller on the other line that “mama is napping right now“?

What about the times I have plastered on my fake smile in his presence and he has heard me say “we are doing great” when we both knew we were anything but great.

What about the times I have said “we don’t need to mention that to dad” and slipped a receipt in my purse with no intention of telling my husband about the purchase and expecting my child to keep silent as well.

I don’t know if or when I will talk to him about what I know.

But,  I do know that I will talk to him and my heavenly Father about the type of example I am setting when it comes to honesty right away!

Truthful lips endure forever, but a lying tongue lasts only a moment. Proverbs 12:19

Another blogger friend writes  Teen Talk Tuesday every week.  Her words of wisdom always encourage me in this parenting journey.  I invite you to click on the link and read her post as well.


  1. Oh Melissa, we do need grace don’t we? From Him to us and to pour out on our precious kids. This was beautiful and heartfelt. Thanks for sharing it with me. Lots of love and prayers to a fellow mom warrior. . . it doesn’t get easier as they get older does it? Yet we have to be certain that He is in control. Always.

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