Fighting the Frump and Fatigue

Today’s topic for Wifey Wednesday: Caring for our Appearance.


As I sit here in my Old Navy sweatshirt and ratty yoga pants, I needed to read this today.  I had another marriage post planned that I will publish in the future but felt convicted to write about this topic for those of us living with chronic illness.

There are many days when getting out of bed is a feat in and of itself. My body hurts, I am weary and the thought of turning on the curling iron makes me want to crawl back in bed.   By the end of the day, when my hubby comes through the door, the benefit of any brush that made it through my hair is long gone.  And, he never complains about it.

Somehow, the man still finds me attractive, even when I look like death warmed over.

But, that doesn’t let me off the hook of looking attractive for my husband.  And, I have to confess I struggle with this a lot.

Here are a few things I need reminded of today:

  • Comfort and beauty are not mutually exclusive.  When I was first diagnosed with MS, I had to give up my high heeled shoes because of balance issues.  So, I went out and bought cute flats.  I still get compliments on many of those flats I bought over three years ago.  I knew that wearing my heels made me feel attractive so I needed to replace them with shoes that made me feel equally cute.  This same principle can apply to outfits to.  There is a difference between the should-have-been-thrown-away-a-long-time-ago sweatshirt I am wearing right now and an attractive cotton top that is roomy enough for me to comfortably nap in {that would match my yoga pants just as well}.
  • My husband deserves an attractive wife.  Not because he asks for one but because men are visually stimulated.  You need only read the Song of Songs to grasp that concept.  It honestly doesn’t take that much more effort to dress in something {at least} semi-attractive than in does to put my sweats or pjs on in the morning.
  • When I look better, I feel better. When I take the time to put on some mascara and lip gloss, coordinate my jewelry and outfit and slip on some cute flats, I feel girly and pretty.  I need that for myself as much as my hubby needs it from me.  And this goes for nightwear too!

Sheila had some great tips on her site, including getting a flattering haircut {check} and keeping only the clothes that you look good in {definitely need to work on}.

Excuse me while I go change and clean out my closet….and then take a nap.

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