Counting it ALL joy

Since the unexpected occurred last week, I have been purposeful about looking for the joy in all circumstances.  Easier said than done, but once you start counting the blessings, the blessings become more obvious.

Context is crucial when looking for the joy in difficult times.  It is difficult to feel sorry for myself when I look at the horrific images of the earthquake and tsunami aftermath in Japan.  It is hard to wallow in self-pity while praying for the children waiting to be rescued over at Reece’s Rainbow.

Thank God He provides perspective when we need it.

and the counting of gifts continues {#171-180}

~ ice packs

~ friends that are willing to be hands and feet, preparing meals, driving to appointments and more

~ feeling lifted up by the prayers of those that love me

~ walkers, wheelchairs, knee braces and pain meds

~ laptop computer so I can continue to feel connected, write and read

~ the opportunity to catch up on much needed rest

~ a husband that takes over cleaning and cooking and helping his wife take a bath

~ kids that pitch in without complaining

~ giggles and smiles from Sweet Pea

~ Psalm 121 and other verses that speak God’s comfort to my heart

What are you thankful for?


  1. God bless you Melissa! it is a gift of love that is in your heart which does allow many of us to see an feel the love that can be grateful. This is a given, our Lord is amazing sharing warmth in our hearts to allow us to share with others.

  2. Erin @ Wild Whispers says:

    What a needed post for me today! Thanks for coming by Wild Whispers. I am so thankful to be counting blessings with you!

  3. So funny. I was reading yours while you were reading mine. Literally. So sorry to hear of your knee. will be praying. Thankful with you for children who join in and help out.

  4. Rejoyful says:

    Sorry to hear about your knee, but encouraged by your fantastic attitude of thankfulness! Thanks for sharing and prayers are with you for healing and grace.

  5. I just came over from Ann’s.

    And my first thought is that yes – all the things that befall all people are to be considered when we look at our own life – but it doesn’t minimize the difficulty you experience – your stuff is important.

    And though I loved the whole list – this one is my favorite: – ~ kids that pitch in without complaining (because it’s nice to see little miracles happen.) {smile} This was good to read today. Thank you.

    God Bless and keep you and all of yours.

  6. Thanks for stopping by the joy project! love the giggles and the friends that are hands and feet while you recover.

  7. Muthering Heights says:

    Very true…I’ve thought the same thing

  8. Feeling lifted up in prayer — isn’t that just the greatest when you know people care enough to remember you in prayer????? Sounds like you really have your hands full right now, but your comments on perspective are so true. The Lord gives us all so much! Thank you for being so bright and cheery in your gratitude list! It was a blessing to read!

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