Love is everywhere

Reading the book, another of those books that draws me to The Book.

Reminded of how the hand of the One that loves me like no other is everywhere.

#131~ in the box of chocolates and sweet card waiting in the car on our way to a Valentine banquet.

#132~ in the chocolate eyes of the one that I love and loves me back for more than 14 Valentine’s

#133~ in the sly smile of the fourteen year old son as he slips me a Hershey kiss and says “You’re my Valentine, mom” {to which I replied “what do you want”?}

#134~ the fur babies who lick my face to wake me up in the morning

#135~ strawberry cupcakes baked and frosted with love by Miss S.

#136~ sneaking off to a movie with good friends, holding hands with my love and laughing together

#137~ listening to special music at church and relishing the lyrics “He is jealous for me”…God loves me like that!

#138~ four UNINTERRUPTED hours to read a book on a Saturday morning

#139~ friends that are there for me anytime, anywhere

#140~ showing love to strangers by giving them candy and saying “God loves you”

What are you thankful for?  Where is the love in your life?

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