The Great Physician

I am not used to good news from the doctor (and when I say doctor I mean any of the dozens of “ologists” I see on a regular basis).

This recent liver problem was discouraging to me and the prognosis and outlook were dismal each time it was discussed with any of the “ologists”.


Yesterday, I had my two week follow-up with the gastroenterologist to go over all the tests he subjected me to over the last few weeks and to (supposedly) decide on treatment options.

Instead, he had good news… Here is an excerpt from the email I shared with my family and friends after the appointment:

Just wanted to update you on my appointment with the specialist yesterday…GOOD NEWS!
He was amazed and said he couldn’t explain how I went from such an acute episode to normal in 2 weeks but my liver enzymes have returned to normal just by letting my liver rest (aka holding off on meds).  They have been checked three times in the past 2 weeks and each time they have improved.  There is some residual damage to my liver from whatever was going on with it but if all goes well, it won’t get worse and may even heal itself over time.  All the tests for autoimmune hepatitis or a metabolic issue came back negative..the only test that was positive was for a virus that is common in people with lupus and that is probably what caused the acute episode.  Mike and I were both so excited!

He will continue to closely monitor me as my spleen is enlarged (probably from the same virus) and as I slowly resume some of my medication.  He is letting me go back on the lupus meds because my rash has been returning since I have been off of it.  He will check my liver levels every two weeks to make sure the medicine doesn’t irritate my healing liver.  In the meantime I will remain off of the MS meds for the time being, probably at least two more months.  They have a significant impact on your liver and he doesn’t want us adding them back in to the mix too soon.

Through the course of the myriad of tests I had they discovered that my gallbladder is not working properly and having an enlarged liver and spleen pushing up against it is not helping.  I have to make the decision whether or not to have it removed.  I will be going back to the hematologist (the doctor that monitors my blood clotting disorder) to see if he thinks it is safe to be off of Coumadin (a blood thinner I have been on since my pulmonary embolism in 08) long enough to have surgery.  I am sooo not comfortable going off of it for any length of time but that could just be an anxiety issue on my part. We will see what he suggests.

Other than that, I have been having blood pressure and heart rate issues related to pain and the fact that I couldn’t take anything for pain (except narcotics which I feel strongly about not using except Tuesday when I ended up in the ER because I was in so much pain).  I am now allowed to take an occasional Tylenol, which may seem small but to me is very exciting!

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support..God surely showed up as the doctor said he watched in amazement as my results went down each time he received them.

While my faith does not waver regardless of test results, it is a nice change of pace to get good ones.


  1. Anonymous says:

    What great news!!! We serve such an awesome God (both in good and bad times!) Thanks for linking up today! =)

  2. What a wonderful testimony!!! Thanks so much for linking to it so I could read it. He is so good.

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