thirty two

Birthdays mean more when you come close to not having another.

The shift in perspective from not wanting to get older to being excited that God has granted another year on this earth. It is life changing.

Not everyone gets that.  And that is okay.

But I get it.

and so birthdays, like yesterday, full of friends and laughter and good food and thanksgiving and fun and not sweating the small stuff {like our van breaking down on the way to dinner} are the kind of birthdays I enjoy.

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New hair cuts and buttered popcorn at the movies and hugs from my usually hug stingy boys.

A smile from my love that speaks the depths of his love for me.

A hug from the girl that calls me Mom as she eats up the family time a birthday brings as if licking icing off her fingers.

Thirty one was a good year: a year of change, shifting of focus, serving and learning.

A year of having all teenagers and then adding another teen {a girl!} to the mix and her babe.  Becoming a Mimi.

A year of discovering a new season of ministry and finding my voice and my place and my path.

Letting go of what I thought my life would look like and embracing the picture of the everyday.

A year of growing in my marriage as we learned what it looks like to serve side by side and the joy that brings to a union.

I have no idea what thirty two has in store, but know that with God it will be another year I am grateful for.

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