The Least of These

***Update:  I found out today that Reece’s Rainbow has over half a million dollars waiting to help families adopt these precious children.  Please pray over this wonderful ministry and if there is room in your heart for a beautiful child, visit Reece’s Rainbow today!***

Driving on curvy mountain roads

Admiring the snow blanketing the landscape

Remembering why I love living in West Virginia

Miss S and I pull into a quaint little town, a tad over an hour from our home, as we do at least one time a month.

We find the little sign that indicates we have reached our destination

We gather a birthday present, Sweet Pea and her diaper bag and of course, the camera.

And we go see Mr S.

He turns 10 years old tomorrow.  He has a smile that lights up a room {I wish that I could show it to you}  He loves spending time with his big sis, Miss S.

Mr S has Down Syndrome and is in the foster care system {as his sister was before she aged out}

He lives in a wonderful group home with caretakers that love him, teach him sign language {he is non-verbal} and eat family style meals with him three times a day.

He likes to do chores, especially sweeping and vacuuming.

I love visiting with him.  I love seeing him interact with Miss S and I love what it does for her soul to see her brother on a regular basis.  We had a great time today as he played with the car that Miss S got him for his birthday. Our time with him was full of smiles, laughter and hugs.

But, each time we leave that little town and begin the road trip back home, my heart hurts.

My heart hurts for the thousands of children with down syndrome that live in other parts of the world, most that if not adopted, that will not live to see their 10th birthday.  Children with down syndrome in other countries, such as the Ukraine, are transferred to institutions on their 4th birthday.  They are not eligible for adoption after that move and many do not survive the first year.

Would you join me in praying for the special {in more ways than one} children and consider helping them find their forever families?  Details about how you can help are available through a wonderful ministry called Reece’s Rainbow.


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