Recap of  the first line of the first post of each month in 2010:


I first heard about The Bible in 90 days challenge on Twitter (and if you don’t tweet, this is just another reason to hop on the bandwagon with the rest of us ;-))

***The Bible in 90 Days challenge (there is another one starting January 3rd, 2011, find the info here) was a life changer for me.


Geometry- check

English 9 honors- check

Spanish II- check

Mama ready to burst into tears at scheduling her son’s classes for HIGH SCHOOL next year- check

***I still remember how I felt at the prospect of Jared in high school.  Now he has finished his first half of the year and I could still burst into tears thinking of how quickly my boys are growing up!


Every other Sunday I see….his deep dark eyes, so much like his daddy.  His curly hair that he has obviously put tremendous effort {and hair gel} into staying in position.  I look up to him now.

***This post reminds me of how great my God is.  That in March of 2010, just nine months ago, I had no hope that this son I wrote of would ever sit on my couch beside his brothers {which by the way is where he is sitting as.I.type}…God is amazing and faithful and capable of miracles beyond our imagination, my friends.  Trust me.


This was such a special night.  A night when Jesus provided his disciples (present and future) with beautiful promises for those that choose to serve Him.

***Part of a Holy Week Series I wrote….love reading about the amazing sacrifice of my Jesus.


I have long known one of the major areas God wanted me to minister in, I just didn’t like it.  But ever since I wrote this post in October of last year God has been revealing His path for my life right now. I didn’t like it.

***Again, absolutely amazed at God.  When I wrote this post I had no clue that just a few months later, the ministry I didn’t like would move into my house and my heart.


It was serene.

It was relaxing.

***This was a sweet, reflective post written after a long weekend away from technology with my family.


I am enjoying this book and reading through it with Betty and all the wonderful ladies joining us.  This week we are sharing our thoughts on chapter 2 of Passionate Housewives, Desperate for God entitled You Mean It’s Not All About Me?

***My take on a book I was reading at the time…not one of my favorite books 😉


Alone time with the hubby is a special thing.  I had grand plans to unwrap that gift this long weekend, as he had extra time off work and our boys are off in different directions.

However, God had other plans for how we would spend our time together this weekend.

***I am married to a wonderful man!


I haven’t fallen off the face of the planet..

I have been busy loving on this sweet girl and her mama

***The post that introduced Sweet Pea and Miss S. to my readers…love it!


Sweet Pea turned one month old on October 1st! Where does the time go?

***I enjoyed seeing these pics of little Sweet Pea, since she just turned four months old! Growing up sooo fast….


Steaming cup of crisp apple cider, starry sky.

Baskets overflowing with circles and sticks of sugar, awaiting little goblins and pumpkins {and the occasional Disney character} to partake

***A wistful yet grateful post


It is here.  The holiday season.

That time of year that can invoke feelings of inadequacy, exhaustion {mental and physical}, comparison and envy.

Or is it just me that has done battle with the keeping-up-with-the-neighbors, decorate-till-you-drop, spend-money-you-don’t-have itis of the Christmas season?

***A post about the stress the holidays can induce….

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