As a prayer

Two things I do when I confront fear and heartache:

pray and write

I have a friend, the same age as my Matthew, making the grandest sacrifice of her life.  Today.

Right now.

I have a young friend giving two of the greatest gifts today.

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She gave life to a beautiful baby and the gift of parenthood to a couple who had long prayed for such a miracle.

She labored long and her little body wasn’t ready for such a grown up task and now, she is bleeding and weak and scared and sad and battered.

Battered by life. In so many ways.

The giving of gifts is not always easy.  or joyous.  or painless.

Our Jesus knows this, best of all.

His gift to us, of life eternal, was not easy or joyous or painless.

But, He wanted to give us the best.

And so does my sweet young friend.  She wanted to give this baby, that many would consider a mistake, the best she could.  And that takes a courage I don’t know that I possess.

I know that Jesus is smiling down on my friend right now and will comfort her hurting heart and body in the days and months and years to come.

Right now….would you take a minute and lift her up to His throne in prayer?  It has been a long New Year’s night for her and her precious mama.

Pray that this new beginning will bring comfort and healing and that God sees His purpose fulfilled in the life that she birthed and gifted this morning.

Join me in praying Psalm 69 over her life and the new life that has just begun its journey.


  1. Thanks Kim.

  2. Praying 😉

  3. Praying for her, the sweet new life, and the loving parents.

  4. Praying, Melissa. May God comfort her in the ways only He can, and bless her for giving life in so many ways…

  5. Praying for this special girl and the gift of life she is giving!

  6. I am a mom because of another woman like your friend. Much love to her. Hugs and prayers coming her way.

  7. Praying for her.

  8. What an amazing gift, right? Thanks for the prayers!

  9. Thank you Paige!

  10. Thank you so much Kristi!

  11. Praying for all involved…

  12. Praying for all!

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