Learning as you go

Most weekdays, on the way home from driving Miss S. to school, I find myself behind a slow moving red car.

The sign in the back window states “student driver”.

photo credit: www.magnetking.com

I was finding myself annoyed that {seemingly} every stinkin’ morning, I got stuck behind these kids that don’t have a clue what they are doing and drive like there is molasses in their gas tank.

Then one morning the sign “student driver” struck a different chord in my heart.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all wore a sign that reminded people to be patient with us because we are still learning?

To be cautious around us because we don’t feel comfortable with the weight of our responsibility yet?

To be quietly rooting for us to do a good job?

On the road of life I am {for sure} still a student driver.  I am thankful God reminded me of that and instead of tapping my fingers on the steering wheel impatiently, I am going to crank up my praise and worship songs for the extra five minutes it takes to reach home in the morning.

And the counting of gifts continues {#111-#120}:

~ the twinkling Christmas lights still gleaming from our Christmas tree {I will take it down eventually}

~ a hubby that teaches our children how to drive so I don’t have to

~ weight watcher point tracker app

~ reading highlighted portions of my old Bibles and finding new joy in the Word

~ Starbucks gift card for my birthday

~ finding a wallet to perfectly match my purse {it truly is the little things, people}

~ those moments where God shows up huge and no one knows but you and Him {unless you share because how can you keep His amazing ways to yourself?}

~ energetic puppy kisses

~ belly laughing with my teenagers

~ carrot cake for my birthday, complete with cream cheese frosting

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