Crazy Love, Crazy Grace

I love books that make me think.    

That make me ponder, chew on words and consider meaning.

Most of all, I love books that make me run to The Book.  And, I have found another.  Crazy Love, by Francis Chan.

How is it possible that we  live as though it is about us? ~Crazy Love, pg 43

Those words pierce my hardened heart.  Anytime I get lost in the seemingly significant parts of life and lose sight of Who I live for, it hurts my heart.  But, grace.  Grace exists to save me from a pit of self pity and hopelessness and catapult me to a place of love and action.

I am so thankful for those gifted wordsmiths, that can speak to my heart and cause me to run to the arms of the One with the answers.

Thankful for books, and most of all, for The Author of my faith.

What are you thankful for?

And the counting of gifts continues { #101-#110}

~ a tender kiss from my hubby at midnight on the first day of a new decade

~ giggly laughter of teenage girls having a slumber party

~ leaving the Christmas tree up a few extra days to enjoy the lights and decorations

~ a Sunday sermon that spoke straight to my heart for the New Year

~ making plans to celebrate my birthday with my sweet friends

~ Sweet Pea’s laugh {laughing is her newest thing}

~ boys that study for high school exams without being prompted

~ not having to cook dinner for a few days because of turkey leftovers

~ bright sunshine on a crisp cool morning

~ lime in my club soda as I give up soda {again}


  1. Our church ladies’ group just finished going through the Crazy Love book/Bible study. I heard only good things about it! Might have to check it out when I’m done with all our current “studies”! 🙂

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