Tis the Season

It is here.  The holiday season.

That time of year that can invoke feelings of inadequacy, exhaustion {mental and physical}, comparison and envy.

Or is it just me that has done battle with the keeping-up-with-the-neighbors, decorate-till-you-drop, spend-money-you-don’t-have itis of the Christmas season?

My childhood did not include many happy holidays.

So a young girl made a vow in her hurt, lonely heart that her future children would enjoy the holidays to the nth degree and for many years I darn near killed myself in pursuit of {what I thought} was the perfect holiday tradition.

Over the last few years, as God has been doing His work of cultivating and pruning in the garden of that hurt, lonely heart, the way I view this time of year has changed.

photo courtesy of www.jesus-explained.org

While hanging homemade ornaments on our Christmas tree and decorating cookies together still occur in our home, the heart of this season has evolved.  Evolved into…

  • A heart for all that we do to point towards the One who truly deserves our holiday best.
  • A heart to give back, in a posture of gratitude, for all that we have been given.
  • A heart for others to understand how much the Babe in a manger loves them.
  • A heart for home and family and friends and strangers.
  • A heart for those that do not know the true reason for the season.

And, in the prayerful and purposeful pursuit of the heart of this season, I no longer find myself stressed.  Over-committed.  Critical.  Rushed.

And, I am ever grateful for this change of holiday heart.


  1. With that focus, you’ll have the best holiday! 🙂

  2. approve

  3. approve

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