Where does the time go?

Having Sweet Pea in the house {she turned 3 months old yesterday} has reminded me how fast our children grown up.  I am the mama of three {four including Miss S.} teenagers!  They have less than a decade, most of them less than half of that, left under my roof.  The thought can paralyze this mama’s heart in any given moment.

Instead of being paralyzed by sadness and overwhelmed with fear I choose to be proactive about the time we have left as a nuclear family.  A few years ago the hubby and I read a book together called “101 Things You Should Do Before Your Kids Leave Home“.  We read it, starred several of the activities and put it back on the shelf.  Recently, I dusted it off and we have started checking things off the list.

Some are practical things like “preach the gospel of manners and etiquette“.  Is it just me or does this seem to need to be re-preached during adolescence?  I am blessed with generally well mannered children but sometimes you would think I lived in a barn if you were to be a fly on the wall in this home of ours. Anyways…

Another is “teach your kids good study techniques“.  This has certainly been imperative this year with three high schoolers.  Being organized, memorization techniques and good paper writing skills have all been things we have worked on, and in some cases revisited, with the kids this year.

And then the book has other ideas like “get elbow-to-elbow over a 1000 piece puzzle“. I love this idea and a 1000 piece puzzle will be under the Christmas tree this year.  Putting our heads together and solving a puzzle will be a wonderful way to spend those snow days that will inevitably arrive this winter.

I am also looking forward to “collaborating on a family memory book“. I am a scrapbooker but as the boys have gotten older I have become an admitted scrapbooking slacker.  I think this activity will be fun in that the kids will have input to the pictures we use, the captions and all of it.  My goal is to let each child make one of their own to keep with them forever.  I made my youngest brother a family memory book when I found out he was going to become a father about two years ago.  He still treasures it and shares the pictures with my sweet nephew.

So, yes.  The years FLY by.  Chubby hands and sticky fingers are replaced with sweaty palms.  Toothless grins are replaced with mouths full of metal.  And before I know it I will say goodbye to this season of life, this hands on parenting.  And I will be sad…oh, I can promise you that. But, I do not want to feel as if I have wasted any time.

I am going to enjoy these last few years of stinky feet, parent teacher conferences and old fashioned family fun!


  1. Amen! Hence why I have not been blogging much ;))

  2. approve

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