Thankful for the chaos

Temples throb with the pulse of the every day.

Loud, long legged boys running through the house, with their muddy shoes on.

Three month old sweet pea that has learned to {loudly} fight her sleep until she finally succumbs to sheer exhaustion.

Teenage girl never lacking in teenage girl drama.

Deadlines and unedited manuscripts and errands and dinner waiting to be cooked.

Fur babies that do not know to stop barking when mama’s temples are throbbing.

And, I sink into my favorite spot on our couch.   I send a prayer to my Father, wondering how this tired and overwhelmed mama will survive two weeks of winter break with four teenagers and an infant…my prayer includes requests of no snow and lots of ideas for fostering quality {and quiet} family time.

Then I remember my friends who struggle with infertility or have angel babies or whose children are battling life threatening illnesses.  I remember how fortunate I am to have a house full of life, laughter and loud.

I take some tylenol for my throbbing temples and close my eyes as I allow my Father to refocus my life lens back to  a posture of gratitude.

And the counting of gifts continues: {71-80}

~memories evoked by the handmade ornaments on the Christmas tree

~dark chocolate covered cherries

~DVR that records the shows I enjoy but lack the energy to stay up late and watch

~hanging up the Christmas stockings

~the face of a young mama who received God’s love and care like a warm blanket this weekend as He showed off as only God can

~the faces of two little girls as they decorate their first, very own Christmas tree in their first, very own apartment with their sweet mama

~homemade pumpkin pie with flaky crust and whipped cream

~eating homemade pumpkin pie with grandparents who traveled far to love on our family

~classic Christmas songs

~flannel pajamas and cozy socks

What are you thankful for?


  1. Annesta Lunde says:

    I join you in gratitude for flannel pj’s that I am wearing right now!
    A lovely blog. Glad I was able to stop by and praying for relief from your throbbing temples and for little boys that take off muddy shoes at the door!

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