The Radical Experiment- Part Four

Step Four: Give of our time in another context.

Pre-Radical: We have taken our children to serve in soup kitchens and nursing homes over the years.  It was something to do together and our thought was to give them a glimpse of how blessed they are and to introduce them to the concept of giving back.

Currently:  It is no coincidence that during the time we have been reading Radical as a family, friends and fellow bloggers like Kristen, Jennifer and Lisa Jo have traveled to other contexts, like Africa and Guatemala, and brought back their words, their experiences and their heart for the rest of us.  Deep reservoirs of compassion were tapped in my heart just living vicariously through them.  Then, there are friends like Stephanie that travel to parts unknown to rescue discarded children and another context takes on a whole new meaning to us. However, aside from giving of our money, we aren’t doing anything to serve in a different context.

Our biblical community {small group} has been doing random acts of kindness projects and we are looking for a regional mission trip opportunity to wet our feet, so to speak.

Upcoming:  I don’t know where I, we, fit when it comes to serving in another context.  I do know that the hubby and I decided that we were foregoing a cruise in February to save money to go on a mission trip as a family this summer.  The thought scares me but makes me feel excruciatingly alive at the same time. Our

Barriers/Obstacles: My health, first and foremost.  My hubby is terrified of me catching some funky disease while on a mission trip.  Suffice it to say that he is researching all the possibilities to make sure we don’t go anywhere too hot, etc and will be consulting my doctors before we go anywhere. Heat exacerbates MS something fierce.  I am less worried about this then the hubby but know that he has to feel comfortable for the trip to even happen.  Another obstacle is finances.  Going on a mission trip is not cheap.  However, God is faithful and since we are being faithful to the process of this Radical experiment we are learning where we can cut the fluff from our budget and use that money for a trip.

I can’t wait to see what God has in store!


  1. You guys are awesome. I’m always awed and amazed to discover families taking books like Radical so seriously. Investing their time and prayers and planning. Thank you for living it out so we can all watch and be inspired. It’s much easier to get invited by an organization like Compassion than to plan a trip yourself. You inspire me.


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