The way He works

I fret.

I worry.

I try to fix in my own strength.

I scheme.

I plan.

I frustrate myself and get frustrated with God.

“Why aren’t You moving faster on this?”, I arrogantly ask.

Then, He shows up, in ways bigger than I had imagined or prayed for.

Less than a month ago I met a girl through our teen mom ministry who lived in some of the most impoverished conditions I have ever seen.

Desperation written on her face and etched in the scars on her wrists.

A solution for her situation did not present itself right away and I was mad.

“Why did you bring her to us if you aren’t going to show us what to do?”, I cried out to God.

Friday, God worked a modern day miracle in her situation.  People that had never met this girl, and most likely never will, pledged enough money to get her and her precious little ones into a clean and healthy living situation and on to a better path for their little family.

God humbled me.  He reminded me that He doesn’t need me to figure out and fix a situation.  Just to care, to pray and to stay out of His way.  That is how He works.

As He opens doors and hearts, I stand in awe of His amazing grace and power.

Thank You, Jesus, that I get to watch You work.

And I continue counting my gifts (#31-40)

~tears of gratitude for a God that never ceases to amaze me

~friends that get it

~Mucinex DM

~hot tea with honey and lemon for my sore throat

~hubby’s adoring gaze, when I do NOT feel adorable

~sweater weather

~bath time with Sweet Pea

~watching Jared practice for basketball try-outs {have no idea where he got his determination from lol}

~Matt’s side hugs, reminding me he still loves me even though it’s not cool

~Sunday afternoon football when the Ravens win {woo hoo 6-2}

What are you thankful for?


  1. I am thankful for struggles and trials that always remind me that my husband IS my best friend and together we can do anything.

  2. Love that, Danielle! I am so thankful for my hubby too!

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