Teens and Rebellion

The Relevant conference had great sponsors.  One of those sponsors was Family Matters.  I bought one of their books, Why Christian Kids Rebel by Tim Kimmel, while I was there and then won another copy by participating in an activity {junk in the trunk, no more explanation needed}.  All that to say that a reader will be blessed with my extra copy by leaving a comment at the end of this post before 11/25/10. 

As the mother of three teen boys {and acting mother to one teen mama} I was immediately drawn to this book. 

 I know the statistics- that many kids leave church after high school never to return.  According to this book, nearly 90% of evangelical children leave the church after high school and many never return. Those are not pretty odds.

I lay awake at night worrying about what I don’t know..are there things my kids are keeping from me?

I worry about who they hang out with, their surly attitudes and their penchant for music that makes my head {and heart} hurt.

This book offers hope.  It offers practical strategies for bridging the gap between your child’s head knowledge of God and their heart knowledge of God.  This book offers a message of turning your children over to God, the One to whom they truly belong.

I recommend this book and would love to provide a reader with a free copy.  Simply leave a comment at the end of this post and I will choose a winner at random on 11/25/10.

What is your biggest fear in raising teens?


  1. My biggest fear? I think that I will be swayed by what I want to believe and lose sight of discernment … By that, I mean that I will want to believe that my daughter is making all the best choices and spending time with godly friends who encourage her, etc., and I’m praying that my desire to believe that will not lead to me being undiscerning about situations and people that are having a negative impact on her.

  2. I completely understand and worry about the same thing, Teri Lynne!

  3. I would love a copy of this book!

  4. Along the same lines, TL, I am terrified of being so paranoid with our son that I actually PUSH him to the wrong crowd and wrong decisions! I know the level of deceit I was capable of at that age, and it makes me constantly suspicious of him! I also know what it was like to grow up in an overly protective and conservative home, and what it was like to want to “bust out” of that as quickly as possible! Finding the balance is so hard, and so petrifying!

  5. My biggest fear is probably that I am missing something important. Something they aren’t sharing with me, but it’s BIG. I have a 14 year old daughter, a freshman in high school, and this year has brought many things to light that I want to just put back in a dark closet. I also have 12 and 7 year old boys, and I just pray that I can teach them how to respect girls. I’m not seeing that from the boys that my daughter is hanging out with at school. So I would love a copy of this book 🙂

  6. I feel you on this Jen! The things my son is learning in high school make
    my heart hurt- and he gets to process them with me and his dad. I so feel
    for the kids who don’t have that type of relationship with their parents.


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