Where is our sense of urgency?

If people are dying and going to hell without ever even knowing there is a gospel, then we clearly have no time to waste our lives on an American dream. ~Radical, pg 143

“I’ll get to it tomorrow”.

How often have you said that to yourself?  How often have you thought about when will be a good time for you and your family to serve, to share the gospel with others?

When the kids are grown?

When the hubby retires?

When life slows down?

Those are all statements Mike and I have used as {seemingly} valid reasons why  RIGHT NOW is not the time for us to be focusing our lives on missions. This chapter of Radical points out how selfish that socially acceptable school of thought truly is.

Consider this:

If people cannot come to God apart from faith in Christ, and if more than a billion people have never heard of Christ, then a serious and eternal problem exists. ~Radical, pg 154

The Bible is very clear that salvation comes through faith in Jesus Christ alone.  And, who am I to say that RIGHT NOW is not a good time for me to share the gospel, particularly if that means that even one of those one billion could be saved?

There is a simple divine plan for taking the gospel to the world and fulfilling the Great Commission and it looks like this (Radical, pg 156)

God sends his servants—->His servants preach—–>People hear—–>Hearers believe—–>Believers call—–>Everyone who calls is saved.

This chapter points out that there is only one part of this plan where it is vulnerable to break down.  And, that would be where those selfish assertions I mentioned earlier come in.

If God’s people aren’t sharing the gospel {preaching} because they are too busy, or life is too hectic, or now is not a good time…then we are actually interfering with God’s plan.  And, people will go to the eternal depths of hell because of our selfishness.  Period. 

RIGHT NOW is all there is.

When my husband and I read this chapter for the first time, we both identified with a feeling that God was just being mean.  If He is omnipotent, why in the world is He allowing people to go to hell because of my….your….our selfishness and unwillingness?

Platt explains it like this:

Some wonder if it is unfair for God to allow so many to have no knowledge of the gospel.  But there is no injustice in God.  The injustice lies in Christians who possess the gospel and refuse to give their lives to making it known among those who haven’t heard.  That is unfair. ~Radical, pg 159

Ouch!  I do seem to say that a lot in the reading of this book and in searching the Scriptures to make sure that what I read is what God meant for me to hear.

The Bible is so clear about our responsibility to share the gospel and not hoard it for ourselves.

I pray for a sense of urgency.  For a willingness to surrender my comfort and my plans for the sake of those that may never hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.  RIGHT NOW!

Can you imagine being in heaven and knowing there are people NOT there to share in the eternal joy of the Lord because it wasn’t convenient for you to sacrifice your comfortable American life to insure the gospel reached them?

This post is part of the Radical Read-Along at Marla’s blog.


  1. I have GOT to get this book. My big thing, as I wrote this morning, is that I’m NOT feeling radical about much of anything. It frightens me.

  2. I’m reading Radical too. My eyes are open. YES there’s a lot for us to do RIGHT NOW!

  3. amen, amen!

  4. Pray that God gives you a RADICAL change of heart (but watch out ’cause He
    will)! Love ya, Shelby!

  5. how awful…if during the judgment, we’re called forward and noted as someone who could have reached our friend, neighbor, coworker, yet did nothing.

  6. This truth should be a warning to us now and spur us to action!

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