The Radical Experiment- part one

Six months into our one year experiment.  A glimpse into our progress, a map of where we want to go.

Step One:  Pray for the world.

Pre-Radical:  We prayed as a family.  We have a prayer basket where we keep cards and letters we receive, particularly at the holidays, and pray for the person/family represented by one card each night at dinner.  We would pray for the world when we became aware of a specific tragedy, like the earthquake in Haiti.

Currently: We have become prayer warriors for little Blake, waiting adoption in the Ukraine. {it is not too late to donate to his adoption fund through the chip-in in my sidebar, pretty please!!!}  We also pray for the other orphans around the world waiting for their forever families.  We pray for the parts of the world that do not know Jesus, the parts of the world that are persecuted for loving Jesus and the parts of the world that know the Good news and choose to ignore it.  Our hearts have become more sensitive to the needs of the world and God is piercing through our ambivalence, creating an ache for people halfway across the globe.

Upcoming:  We are each going to pick a specific world wide ministry to pray for.  With five people {that can talk} in the house, we will each pray for our chosen international ministry one night at dinner.  Our teens are excited about picking a ministry and researching it.  They will also be responsible for contacting the ministry for specific prayer requests.

Barriers/Obstacles:  Can I just mention that the enemy detests when a family prays together?  We do face interruptions, nights that we forget, someone is making a joke, you name it, we have faced the distraction in our prayer time as a family.

BUT, it is also an incredible time.  I love to hear what God has laid on the hearts of each of my children.  Things specific to their passions and gifts, to their sphere of awareness.

A Radical prayer life is a gift.

Do you pray as a family?

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