These days

Steaming cup of crisp apple cider, starry sky.

Baskets overflowing with circles and sticks of sugar, awaiting little goblins and pumpkins {and the occasional Disney character} to partake.

Hand in hand with my love, handing out candy to little tykes and reminiscing of the days when our boys were small..and how we used to walk hand in hand behind three little dark haired boys as they rushed from house to house.

This night they are on their own with friends as we sit hand in hand and give out treats to neighborhood children A prelude of the years to come.

Bittersweet moments of raising teenagers, having embarked on the motherhood journey as a teenager myself.
holy experience

and counting more gifts of which I am thankful (#21-30)

~smiles and giggles from Sweet Pea

~hugs from my big boys

~fall foliage

~Kay Arthur Bible studies

~dependable vehicles for all the living in the car moments I have lately

~my planner that keeps me sane

~familiar verses that comfort me

~daily devotions that speak straight to my core

~flannel sheets for cool autumn nights

~texts from my kids that say “I love you”

What are you thankful for?

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