Unbiblical Christianity

It is no coincidence that I am reading chapter four of Radical, by David Platt and come across these videos by Frances Chan in the same week {definitely watch the second one!}

It is no coincidence that the sermon on Sunday focused on John 20 and Matthew 28.

This particular statement from page 70 of Radical resonated deep in my soul:

…when I look for a church, I look for the music that best fits me and the programs that best cater to me and my family.  When I make plans for my life and career, it is about what works best for me and my family.  When I consider the house I will live in, the car I will drive, the clothes I will wear, the way I will live, I will choose according to what is best for me.  This is the version of Christianity that largely prevails in our culture.  But it is not biblical Christianity.

It is not biblical Christianity.

It is NOT biblical Christianity!

The Chan video I referenced earlier asks the question that if an Asian believer came to your church on Sunday, knowing only the example of what church should look like that is available in God’s Word, would he be confused?  Of course!  Our churches today resemble the early church in very few ways and we have no one to blame for that but ourselves.

And then, further on in chapter four Platt dives in to one of my “Christian” pet peeves. 


Platt puts it to his reader this way on pg 72:

But where in the Bible is missions ever identified as an optional program in the church?…Indeed, Jesus himself has not merely called us to go to all nations; he has created us and commanded us to go to all nations.  We have taken this command though, and reduced it to a calling—something that only a few people receive.

Consider this:

Every saved person this side of heaven owes the gospel to every lost person this side of hell. (Platt, pg 74)

Then consider this:

How often do you hear someone say “Well, my heart is for my local community” or “God just hasn’t placed a burden for Africa on my heart”. 

I say, good for you.  Pour your heart out to your local community. God planted you there for a reason.  But, that does not change the fact that EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US is called to make a difference in all the world.  Period.

Platt puts it this way on page 76:

As we have seen all over Scripture, God’s heart is for the world.  So when we say we have a heart for the United States, we are admitting that we have a meager 5 percent of God’s heart, and we are proud of it.  When we say we have a heart for the city we live in, we confess that we have less than 1 percent of God’s heart.

Hello? Is it just me or is this just not good enough? Giving God 1 percent or 5 percent?

This chapter lights my evangelical fire.  It convicts me that I am not doing enough.  It reminds me that we have turned church into a feel good Sunday moment rather than being the church we are called to be in Acts. 

It is not a coincidence that this week was chapter four.  And, now I have to go do something about it.

This post is linked to Marla’s Radical Readalong.


  1. AMEN! This is good stuff and I praise God the fire in you is burning BRIGHT! Love you, Jill

  2. i wonder how much of ”I-am-not-called-itis” is really fear? as scary as it is, we are all called. we are all equipped by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. this is not about us and what we can do, it’s about God and what He can do. i’m beyond excited to see His glory revealed here. 🙂

  3. Great post! I feel that way too, that I feel like I’m not doing enough. I don’t know where to start though. Thanks for linking those Chan videos. Awesome way to start the day!

  4. Yes, yes, yes and yes. To all of it. Thank you.

  5. excellent post!

  6. I definitely feel I don’t do enough. Here or locally….the chapter and all of these posts are convincing me of this!

  7. sometimes I just get sick at our “churchy” agendas. Like when we discuss remodeling projects (“because we don’t like that paneling”). Lord, please open our eyes. We absolutely must lose the idea that someone else is going to do it!
    Great post!

  8. Amen!!

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